About Meg

Here's where you can hear about my life if that interests you. I don't know how glorious my story is, but by all means continue reading about it because it's pretty sweet that you want to know about me. I guess I'll start with my name. Megan Renee Osman. I've shortened it because I think of myself as Meg not Megan and also because I love my middle name and no one can spell or say my last name correctly (No no its not Osmond, thanks lol). That's why I call myself Meg Renee. I currently live in Albany, New York while I attend the College of Saint Rose attempting to receive a BS in Music Industry with a concentration in Songwriting. I am in my junior year, and I feel I have really begun to improve my music and writing skills, as I am Head Songwriter of the student run record label, Rose Record Label Group under the department of S.MAN Publishing. My own musical career is independent of the label and I am not a signed artist, therefore the music I put out on this site is not affiliated with Rose Record Label Group, but in my free time when I'm not writing songs for myself I'm writing them for one of our artists or our catalog.

I guess what all of that basic information sums up is I'm a writer first and foremost so if I ever lose my voice and break all of my fingers beyond repair I'll still be writing something. That's why I think my music is so diverse. I appreciate all genres and sometime different sounds need to be incorporated in the words and emotions of  song. That's not to say that I don't have my own distinct style. It's hard to explain unless you take a listen to the songs. I'm a twenty year old girl (woman?) whose got something to say, but not anything too whiny or childish I assure you. (Okay so maybe a little childish. Where's the fun without a little though, right?) My music career is slow moving as all music careers generally are unless you're that lucky 1%. Still I have been having a good time ever since day one when I played my first gig at thirteen and continue to meet lots of great artists along the way. Beyond my recent vote in as Head of Songwriting my most recent claim to fame is that I have opened for many local bands around the area, and got to play at the amazing Columbus Arts Festival. 

Columbus? Right well, I am an out-of-state student who used to live in the fairly small town of Troy, Ohio and have all of my life. Troy has been a great place to grow up in and a good supporter of my music. I have gone around playing my music at wineries, breweries, coffee shops, restaurants, festivals and fairs. I have played the occasional first dance for the bride and groom at weddings as well as opened for some great bands. I have done lots of charity events over the years as well. I play basically anywhere I'm wanted. It's a good job I'd say considering I get to play music for some pretty cool people. I feel I did very well in Ohio also considering that I not only gigged heavily, but also because my song "Calloused Wings" won best Pop song for the Ohio Music Awards in 2015.

So how did I get into playing music? Where did it all start? To be honest I'm not sure I can pinpoint a time in my life that music wasn't present. I can remember when I was a little girl having a Sesame Street play guitar. When I was six I decided I wanted to make a girl band with my best friend and we'd write silly songs that we would pretend people would hear some day. I started taking lessons from my dad at the age of nine to play the guitar in the girl band I still dreamed of having. Later I ended up taking lessons from Sound City Music for a few years. I had always sort of wanted to be a singer/songwriter, but the moment I actually became determined to make it happen was in my sixth grade music class. My teacher told us to write down a musical goal for ourselves that year and I had just bought a giant notebook containing a single song I had written. On that day I made my musical goal to fill that notebook with songs. That was the moment I truly chose to be do this, to become a singer/songwriter. I've been serious about my music career ever since. I know, some people get braces when they're twelve, I create a nearly impossible goal for myself. Hey, everybody's got something. My music became a great way to handle things going on in my life. Before music, I had no confidence and low self esteem. Once I had it, I felt like I had something that set me apart from everyone and that made everything they said matter a whole lot less.

For a while, singing at church and at occasional talent shows was enough. Eventually though I needed that rush (that makes me sound like an addict, but I guess its better than some things you can get addicted to). I loved playing front of all those people, so in eigth grade I started playing out. I did some farmers markets, met some cute boys, learned a lot of things about my craft, and really just got my feet wet. It was amazing and the summer after that summer I started doing more, playing became a year round thing. Now, seven years later, I am in my junior year of college studying music as a profession. 

I think my favorite part about performing is the crowd. I get so excited when I'm playing a song and someones tapping their foot or clapping to the beat. One time a little girl and her sister were dancing to my song Dancing Seems Dumb. Seeing that made my day. Also one time, I was asked to write a song for a police memorial and when I played it all the families teared up. That was a moving experience. The crowd makes my job even more fun because they make my songs matter. If there was no crowd the song wouldn't come to live in anyone's heart but mine. So that's why I do what I do and that's why I love doing it so much. Plus playing music is just plain amazing. There's nothing else in the world I want to do. In the future I hope to grow my audience in the New York area, especially the capital area to start, as well as continue my work writing for others. I want to see how far I can get with my music and currently where I live so far from my home has been a wonderful place to do just that and learn more about my craft.

So that's my story. I hope it was interesting to read. Right now I'm getting ready for some more gigs so if you want you should come see me. All my events are listed on my events page above and on my facebook page under Meg Renee. If you are wonderful enough to want to book me, you can go to the contact page and contact me from there. If you've never heard me before, go take a listen. Maybe you have, but you want more? I've got plenty of songs and new videos comFng out. You can go to my music page to listen to any of my songs and on youtube you can look me up. Just type in Megan Osman or Meg Renee and I'll come up or click this link https://www.youtube.com/user/DreamAwake21 and theres another video of me that you can get by clicking this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amHv8WxmXWw
I am fairly new to youtube, but new videos are coming soon so I'll be letting you guys know about that when they come out. Thanks for reading this and Dream Awake!