Hey guys, I'm Megan Osman. I'm a singer/songwriter and have been for a while now. This is a site with all of my music, shows, and events. For whatever reason you've landed on this webpage. So stick around and check some things out. I'd really appreciate it. Music is my passion in life especially writing music, and I like to share my passion with others. Hopefully you like what you hear. My genre's kind of bluesy, folk, country, indie, I don't really know. People hear all different kinds of genres in there. When people ask me what my sound is I just say that it sounds like me. That's why my stage name is  Meg Renee. Meg Renee really sums up who I am and my music. It's just me. It's actually terrifying and amazing to have someone listen to me because of how connected I am to the music, but if you'd like there is a music page where you can click on my music. Most of the songs are recorded live at an event, so I do a bit of talking to the audience here and there. Also, all songs are my sole property and cannot be reproduced or used without my permission.   There are a few videos of me on YouTube right now. You can either search my name or go to my YouTube site.  The link is here:  https://www.youtube.com/user/DreamAwake21 so you can go check me out on there as well. To see the events page click the word events above and there you can see upcoming dates so that if you like what you've heard you can come and see me which would be awesome! If you'd like to book me to play at your business, festival, establishment, party, etc. there is contact information on the contact page above. Also I'm on Facebook so you can also check out my page on there its https://www.facebook.com/megreneeosman Thanks so much for taking a look at my site. Dream Awake guys :)

What's Happening with Meg Renee

Best Pop Song for the 2015 Ohio Music Awards! 

Writing my song "Calloused Wings" I was going through a tough time. I needed hope and to remind myself that one day I was going to be alright. So I penned a song about hope and working hard to get to the place where everything will be okay. I wished this song would heal my hurt and the hurt of others. It is a favorite of many and I consider it my life story or least my life right now as a singer/songwriter. 

Now it seems my dream about hope and success has given me just that. "Calloused Wings" took its little wings and flew and has won Best Pop Song for the 2015 Ohio Music Awards. To say I am grateful is an understatement. To say I cried when I heard is a given (I'm emotional because I'm a writer right?). I am so thrilled that the song I wrote as my own anthem when I was 16 years old has reached new heights and I'm extremely honored to know that my own words won best pop song.

For those of you who listen and come to gigs you are my Calloused Wings and what I am is because of you. Let's enjoy this success together. You rock guys. Truly you do. 

Check out my award and the song by going on this site.


A Video Of Yours Truly 

Hey for those of you who haven't been able to make it out to my shows and really want to see me (I know I want to see you out there) I have a solution. Apparently there is this magic site called YouTube that allows you to upload videos of yourself. While I am new to this concept, others have progressed much farther than I like WOTVC, a station based out of Piqua, Ohio. These lovely people have uploaded a video of yours truly singing at the Miami County Fair. A whole bunch of new songs were played at that gig so even if you have been a devoted attendee to Meg Renee gigs, you should still check the video out to hear old and new stuff by me. Shout out to WOTVC go on their website WOTVC.com for their live streams and be on the look out for anymore videos Troy, Ohio's own unnatural red head playing her original songs (I mean me if you don't know). Anyways you know you rock, but I love to remind you. You rock ;) check out the video at this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIDqhY7n5Gs

Dream Awake by Meg Renee Now Availble Online 

Hey guys :) With a little help from my friends I've figured out the magical realm of PayPal and online shopping. What that means for you, you lovely individual, is that you can finally buy my CD online for only $10 (this includes the price of shipping). So if you are so inclined, and I hope you are, you can click on the store button and order my CD right now and it will be sent to you in a timely fashion.

Dream Awake is my debut album and it includes 8 songs that are all my original pieces. There were some wonderful people who played instruments other than myself one of which was Micah Carli, the producer and engineer of the CD. I'd like to give a special thanks to him for putting so much effort into making this CD possible.

Also a great thanks to you, for being interested in buying my CD... and possibly.... actually.... buying it (fingers crossed). If you choose to buy my CD you will be making my day so just keep that in your consideration. Regardless, I'm very proud of my CD and the work that I, as well as everyone else, put into it. I hope you love it has much as I loved making it. As always, I will remind you that you truly rock. AND if you're about to order my CD, well then you rock extremely hard. :)

Little Old Me on the RADIO! 

I can't believe I get to say that I have been on the radio! Maybe you have heard the show because you were lovely enough to like me on facebook and got the update. If not feel free to go to this site to hear the whole show: http://wyso.org/post/meg-renee-live-kaleidsocope
You should definitely give it a listen because there's a lot of information about my music and my life as well as some songs performed live by yours truly.

I'd like to thank the lovely people at WYSO for allowing me to be on the show and playing some of my stuff. Also thank you to Juliet, my interviewer, who was absolutely wonderful. It was a great experience so I'm sooooo thankful for the opportunity.

As for all of you, I am continually grateful that there are people interested in little old me, or my music at least. So thanks you guys. As usual you rock! :)

My first EVER CD, Dream Awake, is out! 

I am so excited to say that my new CD, Dream Awake is being sold now! It is $10 for a CD! I'll even sign it for free (not that you would probably want me to lol, but I have and I will for you if you ask). I am working on getting a PayPal account so that all you have to do is click on the store button above and buy my CD, but I am not there yet.

If you would like to buy my new CD, currently you can message me on facebook (if you have liked my page, if not... like it!) https://www.facebook.com/megreneeosman or go to that cute little button above that says Contact and email me. I will be selling my CD at all the gigs that will allow me to sell it which are most all of them. All of my events are posted on this site so check them out if you want to buy a CD or see me play.

Contact me if you would like a CD, and I will work out a way to get it to you. This may mean shipping which will cost you extra (about a dollar).
Get your CD Today! Seriously, like... NOW!!! Thanks!

This is what my CD looks like, both the front and back! Pretty cool, huh?

Dream Awake: Dream Awake CD

Dream Awake: Dream Awake CD

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Meg Renee's debut CD, Dream Awake, includes 8 of her favorite songs. The musical flavor of this first album is a mix of country, pop and blues. Enjoy her lovely voice telling of personal moments in each of her original tracks. Song titles include: Calloused Wings, Don't Really See, Dream Awake, Chase Me Through the Streets, Forgive Me, Cracks in the Sky, Please Stay, and As The Sun Sets.

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Previous events


Meg Renee Live at the Dark County Fair

 —  —

Dark County Fairgrounds, 800 Sweitzer Street, Greenville, Ohio 45331

Come out to the Great Dark County Fair and enjoy one of the best fairs in the area! Visit the fair gazebo at 11:30 am to hear beautiful original music by Meg Renee! This is her last appearance before heading out to New York. You don't want to miss this!


Meg Renee Live at the Miami County Fair

 —  —

Miami County Fair, Miami County Fairgrounds, Troy, Ohio

Come on out and enjoy all of the excitement of the Miami County Fair. There is something for the whole family! Grab some dinner and stop by the entertainment tent to see Meg Renee! This will be one of her last shows in Troy, Ohio before going off to New York!


Englewood Arts Festival

 —  —

Centennial Park, Englewood, Ohio 45322

Take a trip out to Centennial Park to enjoy all of the great family activities at the 43rd Annual Englewood Arts Festival! Join Meg at the Entertainment Stage at 11 am!


Troy Farmer's Market

 —  —

Cherry Street and Franklin Street, Troy, Ohio

Come out and listen to Meg Renee on a beautiful August morning in downtown Troy! Get some great produce and browse the booths for unique treasures. See you there!


Greenville First Friday

 —  —

Downtown Greenville, Greenville Ohio 45331

Join Meg Renee in downtown Greenville for the First Friday Artisan Stroll! Enjoy browsing the shops and vendors while listening to original music by Meg Renee! You will be glad you stopped!


Meg Renee Live at the Brookville Community Picnic

 —  —

Golden Gate Park, Upper Lewisburg Salem Road, Brookville, OH 45309

Join Meg Renee at the Brookville Community Picnic! There will be lot of entertainment, food, vendor booths, carnival rides, etc. Fun for the hole family. Stop by the stage from 3-4 pm and listen to great original music! Support local artists!


Meg Renee Live at the Mio Vino Micro Winery

 —  —

Mio Vino Micro Winery, 7908 Blue Ash Road, Deer Park, OH 45236

Head out to Blue Ash for a great summer evening sipping some great wine, visiting with friends and listening to the beautiful music of Meg Renee! Meg will be heading off to New York in just a few short weeks, so come out to wish her well!


Meg Renee Live at the Tri-City Anniversary

 —  —

Meadowbrook at Clayton, 6001 Salem Avenue, Clayton, Ohio 45315

Come out and celebrate the 200 Year Anniversary of Salem-Clayton and Union as well as the 175 Year Anniversary of Englewood! There will be live music, kids games, food and drink, a corn hole tournament and much more! Join Meg Renee and Rock It 88 as they perform throughout the day!


Meg Renee Live at Cafe Paradiso

 —  —

Cafe Paradiso, 13 Monument Square, Urbana, Ohio 43078

Meg Renee is back at the Cafe Paradiso! Come out to this quaint and amazing italian restaurant in the heart of Urbana. This is the best meal you will ever have! With music by Meg Renee, you will be glad you made the trip!


Meg Renee Live at the Bridge Restaurant

 —  —

The Bridge Restaurant, 127 W Poplar Street, Sidney, OH 45365

The Bridge is a casual dining restaurant located in Sidney, Ohio. They offer a dining experience unlike any in the Shelby, Miami, and Montgomery counties. Come out tonight and enjoy the historic atmosphere and the sweet sounds of Meg Renee!


It's Just Wine, Beer and Music!

 —  —

Valley Vineyards, 2276 US-22 , Morrow, OH 45152

Come and enjoy great music featuring Meg Renee, with all of your friends at Valley Vineyards. Available are selected half-priced glasses of wine, seasonal hors d'oeuvres and light fare. No reservations necessary just come in and enjoy complimentary live music with Meg. This fun filled, relaxing evening begins at 6:00 pm.


Greenville Street Art Saturdays

 —  —

Downtown Greenville, Greenville, Ohio 45331

Spend a lovely afternoon in downtown Greenville at the new Street Art Saturdays! Stop and listen to Meg Renee for a bit while you are there!


Meg Renee Live at the Plainfolk Cafe

 —  —

Plain Folk Cafe, 10177 State Route 132, Pleasant Plain, OH 45162

Come on out the historical setting of the Plain Folk Cafe to hear Meg Renee out on the deck. Get some great food and drink and relax to her beautiful original music. Plain Folk was voted "the best live music venue" in Cincy Magazines Best of the North Issue for 2014-2015! Don't miss this great show!